Freshly Recontracted Fibre Broadband 200Mbps

Our home Fibre Broadband (100Mbps) contracted has expired some time ago, and the hubby saw this same price promotion but twice the speed package that we can recontract with. It's the same service provider.

He attempted to do the recontract online earlier on, but the online system does not allow recontracting. Even after calling the hotline, the person said the same thing. So, last night, we went down to the shop. Signed up the 200Mbps Fibre broadband package (with free 1GB Mobile Data sim card for 2 years, and topped up $80 for a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router for better coverage).

The new speed should be up by 12 midnight.

This was the speed on 18 June 2014 10pm (Tested via

This was the speed on 19 June 2014 10am (Tested via

Forgive my not so technical knowledge, but the numbers difference is not that big and, where are the rest of the rest of the 180Mbps? I know it is impossible to reach the full 200Mbps. But.. hmm.. to only get 5% out of the new 200Mbps, and only 6% out of the previous 100Mbps. My maths shouldn't be that bad right?

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