No place is sweeter than home

After 15 days, finally, the air of freedom to go home has come. He is happy like a child when the doctor endorsed the discharge. We are glad too. Though without the medical care, but at least he is going to rest in a familiar and comfortable place. No place is sweeter than home. But I am quite sure he is masking the pain he is in.

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Some thoughts about the stay.
  • Visiting hours mentioned, is just a guide. We can visit the patient at anytime, as long as we don't make a ruckus and of course, don't be caught by the night patrolling security. 
  • Nurses are very extraordinary individuals. They have to help patients clean, take care of all their needs, make sure they eat their medicine on time and are very vigilant to share their care and concern when patients show any signs of discomfort.
  • Communication of process flow is really important. It gives those waiting, a sense of assurance and give directions of what and where to go next. 
  • Food provided is really bad. One shared, food is cooked to 80%, then stored and transported to the destination. When needed, the food is heated up before serving.
  • The journey to and fro daily is a very draining process. 

Get well soon.