Weekend : KSL City Mall

A one day holiday trip to our neighbour with the hubby and fil. I suggested going to KSL City Mall as the place is pretty new and both of them had not been here before. Initially, the idea was to take a cab from the immigration. But we took a gamble and headed for the bus interchange. We were on board bus IM17 in 5 minutes. It costs RM1.50 per person. Cheaper than taking a cab. 

I wanted to rebond my hair as the mane is getting more and more difficult to manage. Haha I look a mess even after trying hard to tame it. It took me 4 hours in the salon. My tummy is growling from hunger. I should have planned my lunch before sitting here for this long. All this while, the hubby and fil shopped, massaged and lunched. This is the reason why I am scared to do anything about my hair. It takes way too long and I'm bored stiff sitting here.

I did my hair at RCS Hair Studio. Rebond for my hair length at RM 240 (includes cut and wash). The stylist cut away all my existing rebonded hair, so he only worked only virgin hair. My hair length came up to a little below my shoulders. Pretty short, at least 3 inches gone.

I also asked to do treatment for my dry, damaged hair. RM 150. Kérastase from Loreal. The stylist recommended the green with orange combination. Green bottle for the "cement" to close up the pores of the hair, as the heat from rebonding opened them up. Orange for the "moisture", to add moisture to the heated up hair.

Finally I'm done with my hair. For four long hours. The hubby and fil was already outside when I was done. I guess they were already bored with the place. I had my lunch at Causeway Bay Hong Kong Cafe.

The hubby's Macau Pork Bun. So nice of him to accompany me eat when he is already very full from his lunch and break. Haha..

I did not managed to walk in KSL City Mall, as both the men were bored of the place. Hence I suggested we head back to City Square, take a walk and we can head back home after that. My, City Square JB changed alot. Bought some snacks and we were on our way back. Many others were on their way back to Singapore too. Pretty long queue at the Malaysia Immigration, and an even longer queue at the Malaysia bus station. The queue reaches the stairs down from the Immigration.

I wonder when would be my next overseas trip. Haha..


  1. How's the rebonding? Now I'm tempted to go JB do my rebonding but the thought of possible traffic congestion is making me hesistate, lol...

    1. The traffic is ok as long as you go in before 9.30am and leave before 5pm. Haha but it's worth it to do in JB. Go to a reputable salon though.. Heehee..