PUB Family Day

Today is PUB Family Day and it was held at Sentosa. My sister invited us to join them in a day of fun and charity. She is in the committee for the Charity Run, and to show our support, my dad, mum, the hubby and I participated in the Charity Leisure Walk.

We reached around 7.30am and the day was kicked off with a warm up session. Next, the Charity relay race was on. My family and I were by the side, cheering them on, though we had no idea who was who. Neither do we know who won. Haha.. Some of the teams were more united as the team members ran alongside the current runner, cheering on loudly.

Finally it was our turn. The Charity Leisure Walk. We thought it was a jog, so my family jogged. Haha.. Not as many people signed up for this event compared to the relay run. A little disorganised, but it was still a successful event done by my sister and the committee. Great job.

We spent the rest of the day eating the icecream provided, went for a lucky spin (I wasn't too lucky >.< ), laughing and clapping along the stage games for the kids and adults. The mcee is a funny guy and he's good at getting the crowd to the right atmosphere.

One downside of the event, many were too anxious to get the lunch provided. The lunch is to be issued only at 10.45am. And there is already a long queue at 9.30am. The lunch is already pre allocated, so why not enjoy yourself at the games (there were archery games, the hamster ball thing, the gladiator games and more), and not stand under the hot hot sun for more than one hour? Got a guy even shouted and complained about queuing in the sun. Haha.. We were enjoying our ice cream in the shade when that happened. 

The family day included tickets to the SEA Aquarium at RWS, but I was too tired from being in the sun, and worried that it's the same for my dad, and the hubby was needed elsewhere in the afternoon, so I had suggested that we arranged another day to visit the Aquarium since the tickets were valid till the end of the year. And to go with my brother and sister too, making it a whole family event. I think I kind of disappointed my mum by suggesting it. Sorry Mummy T.T we will go there next month.

The lucky draw prizes. Mummy spun a Namecard Holder, while I spun a pack of Ang Bao packs.

Our souvenirs for participating in the Charity Run. Cute plushies.

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