Wedding website for Jet & Xinying

Completed a simple wedding website for my gf last night. Am pretty proud of it. Nothing really over the top. Just using the trending styles like full image background image, flat UI and social media, to showcase her pretty wedding photos while achieving the aim to relay information on her wedding dinner.

Most of the photos are taken from, a site with free to use hires images. Will be adding more of her wedding photos when she gets her hands on them. (PS she just finished her photoshoot last Tuesday)

Homepage. Focus is on the slideshow of the three wedding photos that she currently have.

RSVP. I did this form using a Google Form. Here's the tutorial that is pretty useful

Venue. So wanted to do a full screen map. And there we have it.

Feeds. Social media is trending. So why not make use of it to collect all the well wishes and photos taken for this wedding? A page with feeds from Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #jetxywedding.

Ohh.. I initially wanted to do a wordpress site or make use of the Dropbox hosting. But the problems faced for WP is that I do not have an existing domain or hosting and for Dropbox, I used up my bandwidth while doing my testing on the third browser. AMAZING huh... So I had resorted to a simple static website, on a free host, with all the free tools like the Google form, social media widgets, jQuery for the cool slideshows and my 3 days effort.

Hopefully my gf likes it.

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  1. looks a great wedding mobile app to store the wedding day's photo's and show to people who haven't attend your wedding. Helps your wedding store to store in your handset itself rather than a album.