The Line Buffet at Shangri-La Hotel

It's our anniversary and the hubby is treating us to a pretty high end buffet lunch at The Line, located in the Shangri-La Hotel. I had heard excellent reviews from friends about this place. And the prices is not cheap too. The lunch is still affordable for us and there's a 15% discount for reservations made online.

The hotel is located a little off the way. We took a train, changed to a bus and walked 10-15 minutes to get to the hotel. We reached 10 minutes before 12. Buffet lunch starts only at 12 noon, but we were welcomed and showed to our seats.

The restaurant is brightly lit, surrounded by glass panels, allowing natural light to shine into the restaurant. A very modern looking place, with white and orange as its main colour theme. Chefs at each section were busy preparing for the upcoming lunch crowd. The place was pretty empty but was quickly filled up after 12noon.

We started with the cold food. Prawns, oysters and crabs. And I played with the food.

No feel for the crab and osyter, but I love the prawns. Fresh.

This is the ever busy station. Everyone loves seafood. The chefs were busy preparing the oysters. Demand over supply with the non-stop queue.

Next, Sashimi. We didn't really take any sushi. Buffet, eat less carbo. A little disappointing for me.

Tempura. No feel.

Pretty salad bar.

Western station. We tried the pizza. Thin crust.

Dim Sum. I expected the shrimp dumplings to have a bigger prawn in it.

The tea and coffee counter. I ordered a Teh Tarik. A little diluted.

Indian Section. There's egg and plain prata. Quite a hot favourite, as the pratas were emptied quite quickly.. I went at least 4 times just to take a photo.

Our indian food selection.

At the far corner, there's a chicken rice stall and a noodles stall. I ordered a Laksa. Yum yum.

Desserts bar. There were many pretty cakes to choose from.

And I believe, I chose too much. We were struggling to finish what I took. Haha...

Despite being so full, I had to have my icecream. The hubby got us mango and yam. There's no chocolate. Healthier fruit flavours.

To be honest, we were a little disappointed. Maybe we had set our expectations a little too high. The service crew were all very friendly, attentive and polite. Our total bill came up to $98, with a 15% discount from making our reservations online. And poor hubby was busy visiting the gents during the movie after our lunch. I wonder why.....

Oh.. The waiter offered us a carpark coupon, but we did not drive there. I did not know parking is complimentary for diners. Now I know...

Here are the pricing for the restaurant.

Lunch Buffet:
  • Monday to Friday: $49++ (adult), $26++ (child)
  • Saturday & Public Holidays: $55++ (adult), $26++ (child)
  • Sunday Champagne Bunch:
  • $138++ (adult) inclusive Champagne and house pour red and white wines, draft beer, soft drinks and chilled juices 
  • $98++ (adult) inclusive free flow of soft drinks and chilled juices, coffee & tea
  • $26++ (child) inclusive of free flow of soft drinks and chilled juices
Dinner Buffet:
  • Mon, Wed & Sun (International): $72++ (adult), $36++ (child)
  • Tues & Thurs (Marine Harvest): $92++ (adult) Inclusive of free flow of sparkling, white & red wines, draft beer, soft drinks and juices, $36++ (child)
  • Fri & Sat (International): $78++ (adult), $36++ (child)
Ongoing Promotions
  • 15% Discount Online Reservation
  • 25% Buffet Discount (Only available on certain days and mostly dinner)
  • 35% Senior Citizen Discount
  • $36 Lunch Buffet Deal (Try to book earlier for this promotion. While stocks last haha We weren't that lucky)
Do visit the website's online booking system for more ongoing promotions.

The Line Shangri-La
22 Orange Grove Road, 258350, Singapore

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