The Smurfs 2

Managed to get two super good deal tickets for the movie "The Smurfs 2", from girlfriend TS. Saved alot of money. Happy. Thank you dear~

Hubby and I didn't get to see the first movie, but we both enjoyed this second movie of Smurfs. There were alot of funny and lame parts, and we laughed alot. A recommended show for those who need an innocent laugh after a complicated day.

By the way, there's a short half minute video at the end of the credits. Do remember to stay. Haha... We were the only people left in the cinema at the end. The staff were walking around clearing the rubbish left by the other movie-goers while we sat there waiting.

And after the movie, the song "Sing A Happy Song" was STUCK to my head hahaha.. "La la la la la la Sing a happy song"

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