Homemade Barley Drink

Hubby and I were too "heaty", having ulcers in our mouths. And being a part-time slacker wife, I've decided to make something "cooling". 

I wanted to surprise the hubby, but he kind of guessed it right in one guess. Reason is, the Barley drink is the only thing I know how to make. The simplest "cooling" concoction. Haha.. 

With a bowl of cleanly rinsed Pearly Barley in two thirds of a (big) pot of water, the pot is set to boil. 

When the pot of barley seeds in water is boiled, lower the heat and let it simmer for about an hour until the barley seeds are softened. 

To make it sweeter, add in about a quarter bowl of rock sugar and stir to melt. 

And the pot of barley drink is done. Strain the drink and throw away the barley seeds if you prefer to drink and not eat. Hubby prefers to drink only.

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