Hai Di Lao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅

Here's a long overdued post =P

A hotpot gathering with the poly mates and partners at the Hai Di Lao Hot Pot 海底捞火锅, located on the second level of Blk C. Hubby attempted to call to make a reservation, but the lady on the phone said, just come as there are not alot of people around 5pm.

Upon reaching, we were overwhelmed by the "queue". Just outside the lift, the waitress gave out queue numbers base on the group size and people just gather around the entrance, seated at small tables snacking and playing board games. How did the lady over phone see that "there are not alot of people"?? We waited about 40minutes before we were ushered a table.

While waiting, you can help yourselves to the freeflow of popcorn, fruits (honeydew and watermelon) and drinks (sour plum and herbal tea).

Ladies can also get the fingernails painted while waiting. But it's so not tempting for me. So many people were waiting to have their nails done and there are only two "manicurists". I think I rather paint mine myself.

After 40minutes wait, we were finally ushered in. Ours is a big table for eight people. Near the entrance, there's this sauce counter where you can mix your own sauce to dip for your cooked food.

Our mixed hotpot. On the left is the Tomato base and on the right is the Ma La base. The ma la is too powerful for me although they ordered the not so spicy version. 

An apron was draped over each chair for us to wear to protect our clothes. The service here is GOOD. The waiter provided ladies with long hair, a rubber band to tie up the hair. Those with mobile phones in sight, a plastic cover. And those with spectacles, a clothe wipe. All these are to help you keep your stuff clean while you cook. Cool. Yup, I was very amazed.

Not sure if we ordered too much? But I was eating non-stop. haha...

This is the waiter allocated to serve our table, and some other nearby tables. He's real polite and I like the service. He even highlighted to us that we still have alot of food and asked us if we want to cancel some of the orders that were not served yet.

This noodle guy went around to "play" with the dough and made us noodles. Cool. But it's a little irritating when he tried to "scare" the ladies at our table by throwing out the dough to them and pulling back to continue his "show".

At the end of the meal, there were 8 filled tummies and a very messy table.

Group photo with the group. haha.. Look a little scary, but the lighting seems bad. Or were Mr good-service-waiter's hands trembling too much?

Overall, I love the service. Really good. But this ala carte hotpot meal costs a little too expensive? Each person has to pay $47.50, after splitting the total bill ($381.35). Here's what was on our bill:

  • Hotpot x1 = $16.00
  • Self serve (fruits & sauce) x8 = $32.00 [!! Should have eaten more fruits since I didn't take the sauce]
  • Crispy meat x1 = $10.00
  • Handmade noodles x2 = $6.00
  • Frog legs x1 = $10.00
  • Fresh clams x1 = $8.00
  • U.S. Beef slices x1 = $18.00
  • Luncheon meat x2 = $16.00
  • Mini sausages x1 = $8.00
  • Sliced fish x2 = $24.00
  • Fish cake x1 = $6.00
  • Pork balls x1 = $10.00
  • Prawn paste x2 = $28.00
  • Beef balls x2 = $28.00
  • Shrimp cakes x2 = $28.00
  • Meat and veggie dumplings x1 = $8.00
  • Fried toufu skin x1 = $6.00
  • Sliced bean curd x1 = $6.00
  • Quail eggs x1 = $6.00
  • Beech mushrooms x1 = $10.00
  • Golden mushrooms x1 = $6.00
  • Crown daisy x1 = $6.00
  • Spinach x1 = $6.00
  • Sweet corn x1 = $6.00
  • Sliced bamboo x1 = $6.00
  • 10% service charge = $32.40
  • 7% GST = $24.95

PS. We saw local artiste Mark Lee 李国煌 there.

Hai Di Lao Hotpot 海底捞火锅
Address: Clarke Quay, 2nd Floor, 3D Building, River Valley Road, Singapore 102218
Tel: +65 6337 8626 | 6337 8627 (Call to make a reservation)

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