Girlfriend's Pre-Wedding Video at Our Secondary School

I was back to my secondary school after graduating from the place for 1X years =P Feels old. The place on the overall still looks about the same, though there are many changes too. The pond we pass by on the way to the D&T workshop is no longer there. It has been changed to a Volleyball court. The bookshop is now in the canteen. Previously we are able look down from the library area to the assembly court, but the openings have been sealed up. Yadaa yadaa.. Did not go any more further into the school haha...

Why am I back here after so many years? Girlfriend Corinne needs actresses for her pre-wedding video, and so here I am. We had known each other since we were 13 years old. It has been many years. She is now a excellent secondary school teacher.

We checked out the staff directory near the General Office and we recognised only 8 of the existing teachers. One of them is the very fierce, but when you get to know him, he is actually quite fun (But that happened only when we were about to graduate): Mr Tan Puay Eng. Ah... They say when one starts to reminisce the past, it is a telltale sign that one is truly getting old haha...

A photo with the bride-to-be while waiting for the video team to come. They were pretty late. haha..

A scene of the video: The groom-to-be is playing soccer with his friends. Luckily our scenes were shot under the shade. If not, I think I will melt from the sun. It was a super hot morning.

The groom-to-be's friend is "sacrificing" himself for the shot. haha.. The idea here is to show that the friend is enjoying the refreshing water break after playing soccer under the hot sun.

The photographer and videographer for the day. Interesting people. The videographer kept giving us suggestions and scenarios so that we can minimise the chances of NG-ing haha.. Luckily I'm just a calefare. Easy job.

It was pretty fun. Hopefully I don't look too FAT in the video and spoil the scene. haha.. Looking forward to see the video. Today was the third day they met up to do video shooting. Tough job huh.


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