Traditional Bakery Supplier

The hubby got to know of this bakery supplier when he passed by the previous time. He described that the delicious smell of these freshly baked bread made his mouth water and hungry to try some.

We took quite some time to find the place, as he did not remember the exact location, and somehow we searched for the wrong location online. haha

And we were welcomed by rows and rows of freshly baked bread. Some of the bread were charred and I was still thinking if we are able to eat these. Smells super delicious.

More rows of bread out to cool down.

The shop front. Everyone was busy, cutting away the charred crust, and throwing them away. I was curious why they cut and throw away. I wanted to eat the bread with the crust!

And I was disappointed with the outlook of the bread we bought. It's white and it looks normal. And without crust. I love to eat that part of the bread too... I really thought we will be getting something similar to those on the racks.

But the bread, I can tell you, is a surprise. Once you tried it, you will want to go for a second slice, then a third. It's really very soft and delicious. And I can still taste abit of the charred taste. Nice!!

If you have the chance, go down and get a loaf at S$1.40 to try. They have other bread for sale too.

Traditional Bakery Supplier 
10 Kim Keat Lane

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