Red Star Restaurant

Today is a public holiday, Good Friday, and we planned to go for dim sum breakfast with my FIL. He chose Red Star Restaurant. We left our house at 7.30am in the morning and headed there in a cab (By the way, the cab was not easy to get). We reached an hour later. There was a long queue (At least 6 groups in front of us) and a super crowded restaurant.

Here's the restaurant's view from the queue. CROWDED. And we were fascinated with the groups and groups of people in certain areas. You will get to know why later. After more than 30 minutes of queuing, we were ushered our table. Just to share, the queue got twice as long than when we just reach. Lucky us...

After being seated, we waited for SOMEONE to come and give us a card. It took pretty long. It was our first visit to this restaurant, we were not quite sure what to do. I even wanted to be a kiasu auntie and join in the long queue before getting the card =P

One of the long queues we spotted while queuing for our table was the porridge "corner". Mainly it is not because that the auntie is slow, but the orders were humongous. I'm not joking. When we joined the queue, the auntie is attending to prepare 19 bowls of porridge. And I overhead the group behind wanted 11 bowls. We only wanted 2......

After queuing two long queues, we only got these 4 items. Haha.. Quite pathetic. I wanted to rush to get more, but I don't see any carts around.

There were alot of people camped right outside the kitchen doors. The carts did not even manage 10 steps away from the door, not to say to go close any tables. Sighs.. It really was a "fastest action wins" situation. Even the two most common dimsum, 虾饺 and 烧卖, we only managed to get one basket each. 肠粉 was no where to be found.

This is the first time I had such a hectic and stressed out meal.

When we went to make payment at the counter at about 9.30am, I was surprised by the queue. It was VERY long (follow the arrow). Later when we walked out, the queue went all the way to the staircase area. Sighs... The place is too huge, understaffed, low on food supply, and has even more people queuing, wanted to get a table.

Maybe it is due to it being a public holiday. Almost everyone in Singapore wanted to have dimsum for breakfast, thus resulting in this stressed environment. I should go try it again on a normal weekend. Maybe......

Red Star Chinese Restaurant 
Blk 54 Chin Swee Road #07-23
Tel: +65 6532 5266


  1. Do you think the food worth the queuing?

  2. From what we managed to snatch that day, it was not a worthwhile trip. But that day, it was definitely demand over supply. Maybe on a normal weekends, or even weekdays, the food will taste better since it's not prepared in a rush?