Mitju Warehouse Sale

Mitju Warehouse Sale is back again this weekend. The previous Mitju warehouse sales I went to, I loot at least 2 pairs of shoes. Huge sales! So, I went to try my luck, thinking that since the sales starts at 10am on Friday, I will reach around 10am, giving me more than enough time to avoid the crowd and queue.

Boy, was I wrong. I reached 15 minutes past 10am, and here's the queue! Freaking long. I for waited at least 45 minutes to get in... Sighs... I was overly confident that I could beat the crowd. Haha..

Finally, I am nearing the door into the heaven with mountains of shoes... Yep, just at least another 5 sets of 10 queuers before me.....

Inside, was the same as previous two warehouse sales. But this year, the shoes are not as cheap as the last. Sobs. This year, each pair of shoes costs $20 and two pairs cost $35. They have a premium section selling 1 for $30 and 2 for $50. (Just to share, last year, the "normal" shoes were selling at 1 for $18 and 2 for $25)

Even though Friday is just the first day of the public sales (Thursday evening from 6 to 9.30pm, they had a members only sale), there were at least 5 pairs of shoes that I like does not carry my size. I have the most common size feet, Size 38. Sobs... I was "rejected" by so many courteous sales youngsters. But I still scouted 2 pairs and headed for payment after an hour.

From the "stage" where the cashiers are, we can see the crowd. Yep, it's to a point that you can't even move along the passageway. Sighs.. I didn't even got to see the super sales shoes on the extreme right. The girls are not giving my any space to slot myself in. Haha..

Here's my loot. The pink soft leather shoes retails at $42.90 (I wanted to get the same design but in black too, but no size...). The blue leopard print with gold colour in front retails at $29.90. This is the pair that I managed to find after so many rejections. So I saved $37.80! Yay~

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