Farmart - Animal Corner

It's Sunday morning. Josie woke up at 7am. Yawns. So, let's do some activities together! 

Farmart! It's nearby and we can see little animals. 

The animal corner is not very big. There are turtles, kois, parrots, mice, rabbits, frogs and goats. And we can feed the animals. $5 for a set of feeding ingredients. 


Not alot of people when we just reached. 

Here's the set of feeding ingredients for $5. 

Josie was reluctant to feed the animals as she was scared. But she got braver as she feeds them, as long as the daddy carries her. 

Feeding the goats. There are 3 goats. 

Cleaning up after the feeding session. 

It was a really hot day. We went off shortly after feeding the animals. 

Side note. The animals seem really hungry. I was reluctant to buy the food to feed them due to..... But it's a great learning experience for the children. Dilemma. Sighs. 

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