Teething Maybe?

I'm getting irritable as she is now.. Oh no.. My patience..

Here's the article on I just read on teething

Of the 9 common symptoms, she's showing signs of 7.
  1. Drooling. She drools, but since in her earlier days, she has already started drooling and it has not excessively increased
  2. Teething Rash. Thank god for no signs of this.
  3. Coughing/ Gag Reflux. She coughs quite often, especially after a bout of fussing
  4. Biting. OUCH my nipple. She does that after every latch now. Worse, sometimes is bite and PULL. Omg...
  5. Crying. Yah.. Often. Increased? Maybe... I can no longer tell. 
  6. Irritability. Erm, she has been like this since birth? LOL. But yep, more cranky at night, and wants only ME. Ah... I'm tired.
  7. Refusal to feed. Now it's even more difficult to feed bottles (we are still trying one bottle a day, or one bottle in a few days). And if she does, she cannot finish (usually only finishes 30-40ml). And for direct latching, I can't measure, but by timing, it's only around 2-4 minutes ow as compared to 5-8 mins previously.
  8. Night waking. Now she sleeps later and wakes more often. Panda eyed us.
  9. Ear pulling/cheek rubbing. At first I didn't think of this, but she always rub the head behind her ears. I guess it's the same but mis-aimed? Haha.. 

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