Happy Valentine's Day

This year's Valentine's Day is a 3 human and 1 dog affair. Haha. 

Hubby gave me a Hoodie Pooh at midnight as this year's v day gift. Cute! LO likes it too. Lol. I did not get anything for him but made him mini cheesecake (cupcake size). 

After LO's nap and milk, we headed out for lunch. It was 2 plus when we reached. It became a pretty late lunch. I was craving for Taiwanese food, so we settled at Lee's Taiwanese. Not sure why, but LO fussed alot to sleep while we waited for our food. I am guessing the loud music (though usually she will just sleep through when in her carrier) and the talking from nearby tables. 

Desserts was llao llao softserve. Yummy. I can eat more. Let's have more soon!! Yummy~ This big cup cost $6.90 (If I didn't remember wrongly). With chocolate, almond nuts and fruits. I like the softserve and almond nuts. Fruit I can do without in this case. Chocolate is nice, but the person drizzled lots on the spoon and stuck there after hardening. Duh. Wasted!

We window shopped a little in the 3 connecting malls and grocery shopped for dinner. The hubby is cooking. Yay. Seafood pasta with scallops and mussels. The seafood were from Big Box and not very expensive. We intended to get the alaska king crab legs. But... It's huge. I doubt any of our pots is able to fit it in. Haha...

The day was ended with homemade mini cheesecake (in a cup) that I made the day before. Hmm I'll try the nobake version next time. LO always wanted attention at the time when I have to look after the oven for any sign of overcooking. Haha.. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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