Happy Lunar New Year

Today is already day 6 of the Lunar New Year. My bad. I'm late. I wish everyone a prosperous Lunar New Year. Huat ah~

This year's Lunar New Year is different from all the previous Chinese New Year. This year we have a LO with us. Man... I was worried about her sleep and feeding. End up, the feeds were ok. Just the sleep. She was too excited with all the crowd and chatterings.

Eve of CNY
Lunch's reunion was at home with the hubby's immediate family. There's braised duck, chicken, pork, soup, braised mushroom... Too much food. Some cooked, some bought. And most of the time, I was with LO, making her sleep. Ah..

Reunion dinner was at my parents'. We brought Latte over with us too. My parents cooked a very scrumptious meal. Desserts was icecream. Burps...

Haha.. LO wants to taste her angpow. 

Day 1
Happy lunar new year! New schedule this year. Instead of going to the hub's grandmother's place in the morning, we headed to the hub's uncle's place for lunch. Lots to eat. And they had this cute Angry Bird fishcake. Haha..

Next was to my grandmother's place. Alamak. Second round of lunch. Ate alot. Again. LO was kinda the centre of attention. So was her cousin, JY. She was running all around. I guess next year is LO's turn.

Wefie with my sister. Squish is sleeping in the carrier. 

Dinner at home with leftovers from Eve. A quiet, we-time. I'm grateful for it. There's just too much excitement for LO.

Day 2
We went to hub's grandmother's place for visiting. Yup, eat again. My nephews were busy running around and making everyone busy. Haha.. Kids..

Then we went home to have dinner with my family. They lugged the heavy wonder pot from home, with very 入味 food. While they rested and played with LO, Hub and I took Latte to the park. He's a happy boy. Tired (from running) and happy.

Day 3
It was a slower paced day compared to the previous days as we have the entire afternoon to ourselves. Tried to make LO sleep more and the hubs was busy doing his assignment. 

We then headed to friend R's place for steamboat. Left pretty early as we have a second round of dinner at my Uncle's place. 

Ahh ended quite late and missed LO's bedtime. We had a hard time making her sleep. Sigh... My poor girl. 

Day 4
Visiting at Hub's godpapa's place. Simple yet yummy lunch. 

Then we brought Latte for his annual vaccination. He was terrified. And he's the most jittery one among the other pets when waiting for his turn. 

On the whole, Latte is good and the vet praised Latte on his clean teeth. 

Day 5
I spent the entire day at home. Gf Ying asked me out for lunch as she's on leave, but I declined. This whole week's weekdays will be spent at home. LO has already has her fill of fun and (over)excitement on the eve and first 4 days of the lunar new year. She needs her sleep and her routine.

Day 6
Stay home day 2. Daddy came over to play with LO with my lunch. Haha.. I'm a slacker with my own lunch as time away from LO is very very little. Fire over the stove is too dangerous with such short amount of time. 

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