The numbers on my weighing scale

For my whole pregnancy, I've only gained about 7.5kg. Most of the weight is gained at the third trimester. And during the first trimester, I had lost 4kg due to morning sickness, but that weight was easily gained back from week 20 onwards, after the morning sickness was gone. 

I had read that the bump I carried can easily weight 10- 12kg, which is the weight one is suppose to put on healithy. The additional weight consist of the LO (of course), the placenta, amniotic fluid, blood and so on. 

At one point I was worried that my weight gain is not in the healthy zone. But luckily everything was alright. 

After I delivered and discharged, I got on the weighing scale and wow, I am back to my pre pregnancy weight on the third day. 

And now, 16 days after delivery, 13 days of sinful fattish confinement food and 2 days of post natal massage, I've lost 4 kg (7.5 + 4 in total from pregnancy) from my pre pregnancy weight. Woohoo.. Amazing. I wonder what will be my weight at the end of the first month. My tummy is still flabby, but it looks better after the massage and wrapping. 

I did not expect to lose weight after I've delivered. At most, it is back to my pre pregnancy weight. This is a gift from my LO. 


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