Legoland Malaysia

This post has been delayed for quite some time due to my procastination. We went Legoland Malaysia in end May, and it's already early July now.

Legoland Malaysia is a family oriented theme park, mainly for families with children. I went with my family, and us children, the youngest is already 23 haha.. Therefore some of the rides were not suitable for us. Still, the weather was too hot for us to handle, so we did not really play all the rides.

We bought our tickets online 7 days in advance, to enjoy the 20% discount and also to save ourselves from the long ticketing counter queues. It's easy! All you have to do is just purchase the tickets from their website, print the tickets sent to your email, and bring the printed tickets and scan at the entrance for entry. Purchase your tickets online here: We bought the theme park with water park tickets.

We went the budget way of going to Legoland Malaysia. There were 5 of us. To take a cab there is a little not worth it. Hence we went to JB Sentral, the bus terminal next to the Malaysia Customs and wait for bus LM 1. It was only 8 plus in the morning.

Got to see this time table for the LM1 bus schedule. We missed the first bus, hence we waited for the 9am bus. We have to be alert to look out for the bus. We almost missed it again, as the bus was at the far right and blocked by the other buses.

It only costs RM 4.50 per person for the bus fare.

When we reached Legoland Malaysia, the place was croweded. The theme park is not yet opened. Everyone is crowding around the entrance, taking photos, and the queue at the ticket counter was horribly long. Just before the gates open, the staff and the dino mascot gave an opening dance.

There are lego figures all over the park. Cute! The joke for the last picture was, we have to build our own toilet bowls before using. Haha...

Off to the first ride. The Project X roller coaster. The most exciting part is when the car moves up in height and then come down at high speed from the height.

There are alot of these games stalls. But the men of the group feels that it's not worth it to try. Haha.. But we do see many hugging these soft toys or winnings around the park.

Next, we went up on the Observation Tower to see the park from top view. The place looks huge.. and hot.. haha..

Then we went for a 4D lego movie at Lego Studios. There are no shaking of chairs or such, but there are huge gust of wind, rain, snow to give the 4D effect. Cool.

We skipped this Dino Land ride. No one wants to get wet in this hot weather.

Took some other rides in between like the Lost Kingdom, a laser shooting ride to hunt for lost treasure, we went for this mild ride, the Legoland Express. A train that brings us one round around the park. The waiting time was long though.

After the ride, it's time to fill our tummies. We went to the Market Restaurant. Even though the place is crowded, but there are still empty tables around.

Love the interior. Above our heads are all the lego characters. All of them busy "preparing" our meals. The restaurant is very colourful too.

The food ordering style is quite easy, just take whatever you want to eat from the respective counters and proceed to payment.

The top two are the kids meals. All the meals comes with a cup of fruits and a drink, except for the Fish and Chips that comes with a soup and drink instead. Lunch was filling and it was not too bad.

Then it was a visit to the Lego Miniland. Using lego pieces to build the representation buildings, cultures from different countries.


We decided that we had enough of fun and sun, we took a break and went for some lego shopping.

We went for the second part of the Legoland Malaysia. It's water splashing time at the Waterpark. There are many different types of pools for different age and excitement in the Waterpark. My family went more for the exciting tall slides. Reminded me of the old fun times in Fantasy Island (If you still remember where that was haha...)

The ticketing counters looks empty at the end of the day.

Time to go home...

It was a fun day. Down side is the hot weather. Do remember to hydrate yourself frequently when you visit the park. I suppose the next time we go, would be when there are young children in the family and stay in the themed hotel (IMO, it's pretty expensive though the rooms are lego themed and they look cool and fun). If you plan to bring your family there for more than an occasional fun, perhaps at least 4 times a year, it is more advisable to buy the annual pass then getting the day pass each time you visit.

Legoland Malaysia


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