Kaohsiung : Dome of Light

On our way to 六合夜市 (Liu He Night Market), we will have to stop at the Formosa Boulevard KRT Station 美麗島. Formosa Boulevard Station 美麗島 is also an interchange station where you can go from the red line to orange line and vice versa.

This station is a pretty artsy station. The Dome of Light is located in this station. There are many people taking photographs with this pretty lighted background. A small Kaohsiung indoor attraction.

Besides the Dome of Light, as we walk on to our intended exit (Forgot which exit, but the signs there are pretty straighforward), there are a few wall/floor art pieces. Here's a 3D art on the ground. Many people were taking their turn to be part of the art. I was lucky enough to take one without anyone there.

Here's another 3D art on the wall.

Dome of Light 
KRT: Formosa Boulevard Station 美麗島 (R10/O5)

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