Tak Po Dim Sum

We celebrated Father's Day with my FIL with Dim Sum breakfast. The hubby suggested going to Tak Po in Chinatown as being a non-porridge lover, he likes the congee there which is delicious and the dim sum was good.

We reached there about 8 plus in the morning. Luckily we were there a little earlier as there are still parking lots available at the market and Tak Po is still pretty empty. The place got pretty messy and crowded after the Hubby came back from parking. I find it messy as people came asking for tables for 5-9 pax, but only less than half arrived. The staff were instructed to only let the group get a table if all or 90% of the group has arrived and the customers were NOT happy to wait. But the staff have their instructions. Not much choice.

The pictorial 2 sided menu highlights about 70% of what they have. I'm a more visual person, so this menu is more appealing than the order chit. Looks good.

Here's the order chit...

Our orders came quite quickly. About 5 minutes wait. Here's our first group of order. The porridge is still in the making. Read on other reviews that the porridge takes some time to come.

Paper Wrapped Chicken $2.00
One word. Oily. Cold too. On the plate, it shows two pieces of chicken. Tearing open the paper, it is only the drumlet of the wing in one wrapped paper and the wing without the tip in another. Disappointed.

Prawn Roll Beancurd Skin $3.60
I do not like this. I think it has been fried and left at the table for some time. It is NOT crispy and it taste very oily. Maybe if we were given freshly fried ones, it would be better? But who knows.

Siew Mai $2.60
The siew mai tastes ok. Not especially nice, but acceptable.

Har Gao $2.70
The har gao, shrimp dumpling, tastes ok. Not especially nice, but acceptable. The prawns is fresh.

Teochew Dumpling $3.00
I have never tried a teochew dumpling before. The hubby likes it. There is a crispy texture in the filling, due to the water chestnut mixed in the meat.

Custard Bun $1.30 each piece
Disappointed in the size. Very expensive for a mini cupcake sized custard bun. And it's not shiok (satisfying) enough with this size. But the taste is to be applauded for. It taste nice and salty and the warm custard does flows out. The size of these custard buns need to be improved. Or maybe, improve the price.

Mixed Pork Congee $4.00
No wonder the hubby likes the congee. The congee is cooked to a soft texture, and will not feel too full from it. I like the congee. The FIL wanted to eat mixed pork congee but there are many other congees to choose from if pork does not suit you.

After finishing the first round of order, we do not feel satisfied. But about a minute after our second order went out, I was kind of feeling full. Haha.. Imagine the shocked face on the hubby.

Rice Roll with Prawn $3.50
Looks plain, but tastes pretty nice. Soft textured rice roll with fresh prawn.

Honey Baked Char Siew Pie $1.10 each piece
Nice Char Siew Pie. The skin is not too thick and the pie is filled with lots of char siew bits.

Crispy Yam Dumpling $1.00 each piece (on the right)
Not really a fan, as the whole yam dumpling is coated with too much oil.

Pan Fried Carrot Cake $0.90 each piece (on the left)
I love the pan fried carrot cake. Crispy exterior with soft texture inside.

Well, there was not really a need for a second round. We were all too full when the dim sum came. But I was glad we ordered the Carrot Cake. It's nice! I like.

The Chinese Tea costs $1.20 per each and Warm Water $0.50 each. We had returned the peanuts and wet tissues so as not to incur more cost. Our total bill for 3 pax is $36.60. There is no 10% service charge, only a 7% GST.

I would come back for the porridge, but not really for the dim sum. The fried stuff especially, were way too oily. You can choose to order take away from the smaller shop on its left (further down right in the picture). It is their express shop for takeaway.

Tak Po Pte Ltd
Address: 42 Smith St 058954
Tel: 6226 3683
Opening Hours: 7:00 am – 10:30 pm

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