Have a Blissful and Happy Marriage, my dear friend

Today is finally the day. My girlfriend of 15 years, is finally getting married, after 12 years of dating. 要幸福快乐哦。Chosen today specifically for the numeric date: 1-3-14, in chinese, 一生一世

I am part of her bridal party. One of the seven 姐妹s. The day started at 7am, at her parents new place in Yishun. The 姐妹s prepared stuff for the groom's 兄弟 to settle at the gate crash. Most of the things had already been prepared by her younger sister.

Photo by http://kelvinthephoto.blogspot.sg/2014/03/save-date-1-3-14.html

And finally, the groom cleared all the task given and got to his pretty bride.

After the gatecrash, it's tea ceremony to her parents and we headed to the Seletar Reservoir for a quick outdoor photoshoot.

Photo by http://kelvinthephoto.blogspot.sg/2014/03/save-date-1-3-14.html

The place is pretty nice for photoshoot. I did not know of this place until today. When the outdoor photoshoot was completed, we headed for the groom's place for tea ceremony and lunch and we were off for a rest for the second part of the wedding.

After my rest, I kinda got emotional and started chatting in the group chat with my two girlfriends. After so many months of anxious waiting, preparing, nagging (mostly from me), my girlfriend is finally getting married today. And half of the day had already passed by successfully. Just another half to go. 嫁人了。为人妻了。要幸福。要快乐。事事都要为这个新家为优先。幸福的家是由两个人一起携手建造的。

The couple's wedding dinner is held at Peony Jade Clarke Quay. The restaurant is on the second level and they have this super retro lift. Cute in a way.

The both of us helped the bride into her evening gown for the second march in. A very pretty bride isn't she.

The day ended at around 11pm. Helped the couple packed up, stayed around to see if there are more stuff to help before leaving. Side note, Hubby and I were trapped in Liang Court carpark for about 30 minutes before we were out of the place. Too many cars trying to leave the building too. Haha..

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