Health drink. 馬草汁

Daddy boiled the plant to make the drink. A 民间药方. He heard from old neighbours that this drink helps to detox, relieve swelling, expel pus, relieve intestinal abdominal pain and more (some I not too sure how to translate). 

治铜钱癣,发丹,杀虫,化腐肉 ,清热解毒,消肿排浓,用于肠胃腹痛,臃肿疮毒,产后瘀阻腹痛。

Some other health benefits:
Generate healthy red blood cells, improves immune system, reduce cholestrol, prevent heart diseases, prevent intestine related diseases, lowers high blood pressure, prevents dementia and more.

This is good for me, especially on the swelling part. My family has history on swelling. Worried. 

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