Big Mama Korean Restaurant

A gathering with ex colleagues at Big Mama Korean Restaurant. I just did a quick count and surprise surprise.. I have known some of them for almost 9 years. This happy and fun bunch of people were people from my first job. 

Big Mama Korean Restaurant is located on 2 Kim Tien Road, a short 6 minutes walk from Tiong Bahru MRT. Based on the 2 who live nearby, this shop is always bustling with people every night. 

We got started with 6 side dishes, refillable. I like the lotus roots side dish. Very crunchy. 

Haemul Buchu Jeon - Pancake with cut chives and seafood. The cute waitress helped us sliced the pancakes into pieces for easy eating. Prawns are fresh, pancake thickness is just nice. 

Haemul Kimchi Jeon - This pancake is different in taste. Though the ingredients are similar. 

Dakgalbi Spicy Grilled Chicken - this is delicious. The chicken chunks are tender and chewy. The chilli sauce is a little too spicy for me (I do not really take spicy). There are rice cake and vegetables in the pot too.

After we finished the Grilled Spicy Chicken ingredients, we had rice stir fried into the remaining sauce to get fried rice. It is delicious. 

After the heavy lunch, we headed to Kayes's place to visit his new flat and newborn, Baby Aidan. He's sooooo adorable. I love his place. The view is terrific. We can see RWS and the sea south of Singapore. 

Kayes treated us to cupcakes from Plain Vanilla. Pretty looking ones. Tasty too. Although it's a little too sweet for me and the other guys. Great for sweet toothed. 

Big Mama Korean Restaurant
Address: 2 Kim Tian Road, Singapore 169244
Tel No: 6270 7704

Plain Vanilla
Holland Village  •  34A Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277691
Tiong Bahru Estate  •  1D Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168641

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