I Forgot My Phone

There's more to life than just your mobile phone. Everywhere we go, we see people facing downwards to their phones. We call them, 低头族, which literally means, bow head group. We look at our phones while walking on the street, crossing the road, standing on a crowded train, seated down at dinner, and so on. Anytime, anywhere. Here's a video that is circulating around in Facebook.

This is pretty sad. I always nag the hubby to put away his phone for the short while as we have our meals. At least, let's enjoy our meal together, in each other's company instead of whoever that is in the phone.

The first comment made me feel guilty. I'm also one of the 10% who saw the video on my mobile, seated on the sofa, in front of the TV. (But I'm blogging this post on my PC haha)

Put away your phone for a while, while you catch up with your loved ones. I have to change too. I am always busy posting on my social media platforms, like checking in on Foursquare and posting my meal's photo on Instagram. Let's all change together. Haha... Treasure our time with our loved ones.

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