Salvation Army - Donation Bin

Finally made the effort to bring the christmas tree to the Salvation Army. The bulky item and the difficult road to the center, especially with all the road works for the new downtown line station, are the two big obstacles that deters us from doing the deed sooner.

Nope, we are not treating the Salvation Army as a rubbish dump. If so, we would just bring the bulky item to the rubbish center downstairs, and not carry the bulky item down, out and climb up the multistorey carpark and drive out to the center. And we would not have risk our lives at the dangerous roads inside and outside the center. My legs almost came into contact with a car, and so did our ride, on two separate incidents in just 10 minutes.

Our tree was with us since we gotten our home, about 6 years ago. And I think we only managed to decorate the tree twice? At most thrice. Hubby and I are not really the kind to celebrate Christmas. The tree was bought during the time our home was ready around Christmas and we wanted to give life and atmosphere to our new home.

I did think of just throwing the tree at the rubbish dump, but girlfriend was telling me to donate the tree to others who would appreciate it, since the tree is still quite new. Hopefully it will help brighten up a family's Christmas mood. 

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