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Came across this photo enhancement app, Rhonna Designs, a week ago, and it has currently became my favourite fine-tuning app. By enhancement I meant adding customised text, present quotes, patterns and graphics.

Hmm I had only realised that the app costs S$2.58. But I had downloaded it for free. Lucky me, to be able to chance upon it. And I think this app is only available in iTunes store and not in Google Play Store. Double lucky.

I love this app. There is a range of type faces for the customised text, not a lot, but enough for now. I like the preset quotes and graphics, though my photos seldom fits the quotes. And I like the mask feature, though not very flexible and a little complicated. Took me awhile to understand. 

Personally, the only two negative points to nitpick about the app, are:

1. the lack of filters and ability to adjust the brightness, contrast, etc to what I need. So before bringing in my photos for enhancing, I would first colour edit the photo in Snapseed. Hopefully in future we can see more functions. 

2. the size of the editing canvas is set to square. I can't save it to the original dimension. Of course, this is good and easy for Instagram -ers to edit and then post without having to worry about cropping wrongly. Maybe in future they can enhance to be like the Line Camera, adding on options for different crop camvas. 

Still, it's my favourite now. Visit Rhonna Designs's official website for more information. They do provide video tutorials.

Download and try out Rhonna Designs. Beautify your photos by strengthening the message with shoutouts and graphics. 

Some of my recent #rhonnadesigns photos. 

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