Foong Kee Coffee Shop - Roasted Pork

We went for delicious roasted pork for lunch. It was a coffeeshop located at

The place was crowded with many people. And pigeons. The pigeons are very irritating. They keep flying in and out over our table. We were so worried they poop or flutter their feathers into our food. It's so unhygenic. 

Back to the food. It was quite a wait due to the lunch crowd. We had wanton soup, chicken, char siew and roasted pork for 6 ppl. The bill totalling to $49.50. 

The charsiew was delicious, especially the charred parts but it was too fat. Lots of fatty parts.

The chicken and the wonton soup were pretty normal though. 

The best is the roasted pork. The crispy part is soooo crispy, the meat isn't fatty and you won't feel sick of eating it. 

Foong Kee Coffee Shop

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