Most Popular Bloggers in Singapore 2013

Wow.. I'm honored. My blog ranked me as one of the "Most Popular Bloggers in Singapore 2013", ranking 30. A list of 36 local blogs was compiled by Bryan Choo on It's my first time getting any "award" for my blog. The ranking in the article is based on the 17th August 2013's ranking. is ranked 613,210 in the Alexa World Ranking. Cool! World Ranking!
This article will contain a list of the 36 most popular blogs in Singapore. Choosing the "Best Blog in Singapore" is a very subjective thing and perhaps 'best' is not the perfect word for it. To be completely transparent this ranking is actually determined solely by Alexa traffic numbers.

I am flattered by the compliments from the author. Truly. One point to note on why most of my posts are about food; the hubby likes to eat, and he tries to bring me to different places to eat so that I can blog about them. Maybe if I travel more often, my blog will be more like a travel blog? *hint hint* :P

Curious about my friends' blog ranking and their ranking is wayyyyy better than mine. haha... I will have to buck up by ALOT.
Curious to see how much traffic you get compared to the rest of the world? Simply go to Alexa and enter your blog address. A rank under 3,000,000 is generally good for a blogger, remember, this ranking is pitting you against all the websites in the world and there are billions of them! A rank under 1,500,000 is very good and a rank under 500,000 probably means you're a strong influencer and should leave a comment here so i can add you to the list. :)