Tong Lok Kway Chap

The hubby brought me to this small coffeeshop at the corner of a Pepys Road, at Pasir Panjang, for kway chap breakfast. The coffeeshop looks like any other coffeeshop, with a few stalls and not very crowded, though the hubby told me that the kway chap shop is sold out by 2 in the afternoon.

He ordered a two-person portion, with two bowls of kway for $9.00. The plate of ingredients include lor bah (braised pork belly), fish cake, pig intestines, salted vegetables, tau pok (dried beancurd) and tau ki (dried beancurd skin).

Lots of varieties in this yummilicious plate 

I like the lor bah, very soft and taste very nice with the sauce. The salted vegetables is also very nice, not too salty, just nice for me. The whole plate taste very homely, homecooked. I only find the plate of yummy ingredients a little too salty, maybe because of the sauce.

The kway is very thinly sliced and easy to eat. The soup is quite tasty. The warmness of the kway and soup warms my stomach, I like that feeling.

And come to think of it, there's no peanut or eggs. haha.. No wonder I feel like there is something missing from this meal.

By the way, we feel the drinks are considerably cheap for a standalone coffeeshop.

Tong Lok Kway Chap 
114 Pepys Road

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