Staycation in JB: KSL Resort Hotel

My gf was itching for a trip/travel/vacation, to mark the end of her "torture". She's finally graduating from her one year long project. Congrats girl~

Exterior view. It was very hot outside.

So, we went JB Malaysia's KSL City & Resort Hotel, one of the newer mall and hotel in the area, for our one night staycation during the weekends. We had pre-booked a Superior Room online via their website but due to some mixed up, we were upgraded to the Deluxe Room with no additional charge. Our room is located on the 22nd floor and I feel it's considered quite small. There's a bathtub in the bathroom, and also WiFi connection that requires login that only allows two devices to login per room at one time.

Our room

We were quite unlucky as there was a jam in the morning on our way in. But after we got there, we did lots of stuff there: Manicure - Pedicure, Massage, Shopping, Movie (We watched Hangover 3), and ate lots. I went for a hair cut too (and the hairstylist is cute and handsome *drool*). The mall is quite huge. To a point that we keep getting lost initially. Somehow we got a little more orientated on where we should head to after some time.

We did our nails at Nails Studio (L2-103). Not really recommended. GF1 did her gelish nails and pedicure that cost her RM135, that was completed in less than an hour, and comments was that end product was quite rough, not to standard. GF2 and I did classic pedicure, RM38 and same feelings, we felt short changed.

Alot of chairs and manicurists. There's not so much biz in the early afternoon. There's free WiFi here.

I did my hair at RCS Hair Studio (L2-11) for RM45, that includes a shoulder massage, wash and cut. My hairstylist, Leslie, is quite good looking LOL. My hair looks great for the day.


We went for a massage at QS Reflexology & Therapy. Foot massage 40minutes for RM30, Shoulder massage 30minutes for RM35. Very shiok, very pain lol.

We ate at these places
  • Cawan Mas Cafe (L1-101) - Breakfast. All that we ordered was nice! Either that or we were too hungry. Hot coffee, tea, curry puffs and toasted sandwiches. 
  • Causeway Bay Hong Kong Cafe (LG-39 & 40) - Love the Cheesy noodles. 
... Photos to be updated ...

  • Sushi King Japanese Restaurant ( LG-49 to 51) - Oh man.. I ate lots of the salmon sushi and salmon belly sushi.. Love~~ But the service alittle slow. We showed ourselves in and after a long time someone finally asked if we needed drinks, and after a reminder, they then serve the drinks. 
Salmon at RM4 per plate (or was it RM5?)
  • Taroyami (10, Jalan Serigala, Taman Abad, 80250, Johor) - This dessert stall is located outside the mall, one street away. We ordered a Taroyami Black & White [RM7.90] and White and a Sour Temptation [RM6.90]. I prefer the first, as the latter is too sour for me. 
Yummy, but not much business though, quite empty
Taroyami Black & White

It was a great trip with my girlfriends. Finally we got to travel together for the first time.

Some things to note though:
  • The official taxi counter charges us RM10.90, when the meter jumped only to RM5.10. And for our trip back, the taxi uncle charged us RM8. So now you know the market rate to haggle the next time you go, anything below the first price =P
  • WiFi connection is stronger in the corridor than in room
  • No worries about missing your favourite Mediacorp shows LOL
  • The swimming pool is considered.... a public pool.
  • The tap card system at the lift does not work. Anyone is able to go up.
  • Shut the curtains before going to sleep. The morning sun blinded us LOL.

KSL City

KSL Resort Hotel

33 Jalan Seladang Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor 07-288 2888

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  1. Wow! U all really do a lot of things over the 2 days :P