Sonic's Staycation

Look who went back home with us last night!

Sonic, the turtle in the above picture has been with our family for around 19 years. And to be honest, I do not know whether it's a male or female haha

I remember when we bought him home, he was only an eraser size. Mini as he looks, he crawls super fast. Hence his name, Sonic, like Sonic the Hedgedog. Fast. Ironic isn't it. A turtle being described and named as fast.

After 19 years of being cared by our family, though mostly of the time he's being taken care by my dad, Sonic is now bigger than my hand.

I was asked what he ate to grow to this big. Sonic is quite a fussy eater. He don't eat leafies. He only turtle food pellets. And yet he doesn't eat alot >.> maybe around 15-20 pellets each meal a day. And alot of leftovers dissolved by the water. 

I think, he was scared by the journey back to our home. He was scrambling and scraping his long nails in an attempt to get out of the tub while in the car. And he was all still when we were about 5minutes away from home. So heart pain~~~~

Love you Sonic...

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