Life isn't fair

Yep. I'm back to reading that book. Again. "Which?" might be the question you would ask. It's none other than the four book series by Stephenie Meyer. I love this novel series, and my favourite is the last book, Breaking Dawn. This time, I am starting out with Book One, Twilight.

And this statement, in the earlier chapter of the book, by Bella to Edward, screamed in my face this morning... "Hasn't anyone ever told you? Life isn't fair."

There are so many unfair things happening to everyone of us everywhere across the globe, with each of us having a different definition for the word "fair". So what is being "fair" in your own definition?

Defining "Fair" on Google, these two are the more appropriate definitions to the topic
  1. In accordance with the rules or standards; legitimate
    • the group has achieved fair and equal representation for all its members
  2. Just or appropriate in the circumstances
    • to be fair, this subject poses special problems

Life isn't fair....
One is not able to earn as much as he desire. Life isn't fair. 
One is not able to get the toy his friend has. Life isn't fair. 
One is not able to get the recognition he desire. Life isn't fair. 
One's boyfriend does not buy the branded bag she wants. Life isn't fair. 
One grows up in a violent environment. Life isn't fair. 
One is abused physically and mentally. Life isn't fair. 
One works real hard and yet still is unable to provide a roof for his family. Life isn't fair. 
One only wants the basic means to fill his stomach and yet unable to do so. Life isn't fair. 

There is no "correct" measurement to define fairness in life. The unfairness in someone's life may be nothing to another. Comparing one's needs and wants with friends' or even strangers' is really a silly thing as everyone leads our own lives differently, thus everyone gets different results in their life. When one starts to make comparison and brooding over what others have and what he doesn't have, it will only lead to unhappiness. 

Live life happily. Stay positive. Unfairness happens to everyone, everywhere. I am sure we are all living in a much more "fair" life than others in some ways or another. Learn to be satisfied and cherish the "fair" things that are already in your life. 

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