Big Eater Restaurant 大食家海鲜

Last Sunday evening we had our dinner at Big Eater Restaurant 大食家海鲜 located in Jurong West. The restaurant is part of the coffeeshop and the coffeeshop is huge. There were lots of tables.

When we reached the place, it kinda struck us that it was not a good time to eat here. Almost every table is celebrating Mother's Day. It was going to be a long dinner.

Indeed, it took us 2hours to finish.

Couldn't take the exterior. Too dark. Should have taken a photo of the place when we were waiting, as the sky is still bright. Big Eater Restaurant and Master Crab are of the same group? There is a Master Crab near our home too.

Towels [$0.30 each]
Peanuts [$1.00]

Fried Season Beans with Shrimp (S) [$8.00]
Salty and oily at the bottom. But simple nice. Eat together with rice, don't keep it till the end as it's salty.

Furong Egg (S) [$5.00]
Not in the menu. Luckily not very expensive. Normal taste. Nothing fanciful.

Chilli Crab [$45.00]
The chilli crab really came after we finish our rice and dishes. Really a super long wait for it. Sighs.. the waitress chose such a big heavy crabbie for us. So expensive >.< The hubby chose and gave me the gong and parts that are easier to eat since I don't really know how to eat the crab legs and hidden meat parts without hurting myself. Meaty meaty. And the meat came off easily, so the crabbie is very fresh.

Deep Fried Buns [$2.00]
Sighs.. They forgot about our mantou order. This came when we finished almost half of the crabbie. Since it's hot out of the pan, it's steaming hot. And oily haha

We found ONE super BIG gong. Haha.. but why one big one small? Hmmmm.. Poor crabbie...

Total bill came up to $62.80. Abit high end for a Sunday dinner. Conspiracy thought: Mother's Day is round the corner. Maybe? Maybe not.............

**Photos taken with iPhone 5

Big Eater Restaurant 大食家海鲜
Blk 964 Jurong West St. 91, #01-342, Singapore 640964 | T: 6397 0480
No 34, Jalan Pari Burong (Upper Changi Road), Singapore 488700 | T: 6245 7268

Master Crab Seafood Restaurant 螃蟹师傅
Blk 475, Choa Chu Kang Ave 3, #01-31, Singapore 680475 | T: 6764 9487
Blk 19, Ghim Moh Road, #01-229, Singapore 270019 | T: 6314 1868


  1. wow, only you two eating such a feast?

    1. Yah... haha.. piggies hor... But is the crab that is "feast", the rest are normal.. veggie, egg...