Bonia pop up store : 'Thank you' party

Invited by CK to join her, CF and HP to the Bonia pop up store 'Thank you' party. Thanks guys for the invitation.

The Bonia pop up store is launched in celebration of its 39th anniversary. It is located at Orchard Green, next to the Singapore Visitors Centre and opposite H&M from May 10 to 19 (But the Mcee yesterday mentioned about the extension till May 31)

Bonia's brand ambassador is the popular, beautiful Taiwanese model/actress, Sonia Sui 隋棠. She's so pretty! Ok. She's not there that evening, but saw the photos and videos of her at the press conference and the launch. Here's a signed Bonia bag on display at the popup store. 

It was a very hot evening and I was sweating buckets.

DJ TwoFace are playing for the evening. They are a two girl dj team. Pretty ladies and very spontaneous for the photographers.

There were finger food and drinks served, self serve. Hee.. Lots of chocolatey desserts. But my tummy's too full from dinner earlier on. 

Our selective picks of food and drinks. Initially I thought that the BONIA logo was printed on the sticks, I was like WOW. After careful examination, I then realise, it's pasted on. haha 

We took a walk around the pop up store. It's a two storey, pretty spacious and air conditioned (We were so happy to be cooled down) place. There were competition designed works (Awards were given out later in the evening), special edition pieces, vintage pieces, some items not for sale and of course, some for purchase.

I love this range of shoes. It feels soft, comfy and sweet looking. However, these are not for sale.

As the evening progressed, there was an award presentation to the student designers, and also a lucky draw, giving out prizes to three lucky invitees present during the lucky draw. 

Near the end of the party, Bonia gave out the big prize, a trip for two to Milan, to the Instagram #BONIA39 contest's winner. For the top 5 instagram contest winners, each was given a $150 worth of Bonia vouchers.

The popup store has been extended till May 31, so head down to the Bonia popup store before it moves to its next destination, Kuala Lumpur.

**Photos taken with iPhone5, edited with Snapseed


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