PARCO next NEXT - The Best of the Best Official Launch

PARCO Marina Bay launches PARCO next NEXT in 2010 as a fashion design project, aiming to nurture Singapore fashion designers. Located on the second level in PARCO Marina Bay, PARCO next NEXT features labels from aspiring local designers.

Friday evening was the PARCO next NEXT - The Best of the Best official launch. The event started from 6.30pm. Upon registering, we were given a thick folded card featuring the NEXT generation of Singapore Fashion Designers in 2013. On the top left, is a lucky draw stub. There is a lucky draw at the end of the event, with prizes ranging from shopping vouchers from designers in PARCO next NEXT to the top prize, a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

PARCO next NEXT retail space is very vibrant looking with white and orange as the primary colours.

For the event, they had an area with sweet treats and finger food for guests. There are also wine and juices served.

As the showcase of designers' outfits commenced, all of us crowded around the stage with cameras and phones. The models very (VERY) tall models carried small boards of their designers' branding as they strutted to the stage.

After the showcase, we browsed around the shops, shopping and taking photos. For every purchase in PARCO next NEXT, there will be an additional lucky draw chance.

I'm quite lucky. As the lucky draw commences, the first number drawn, was 0280. Exactly what was printed on my card. Woohoo.. Lucky me.. It was a $100 SUNDAYS shopping vouchers. SUNDAYS focuses on innovative mens wear. Guess it's time to date the hubby for a shopping trip. Ohh.. I saw an ex colleague at the event too. Surprised~ Haven't seen her in years~

Here's me receiving my lucky draw prize ^^ (Photo from PARCO next NEXT)
There are lots of cameras. Not sure which to look at. Haha..


PARCO Marina Bay
9 Raffles Boulevard #03-02 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596.

After the event, Lynn and I headed for dinner at Coffee Club at Millenia Walk. We were feeling very hungry. But for the sake of desserts, I controlled the mains. Haha..

Calamari Rings $9 - An all-time favourite - deep-fried rings of squid served with tartare sauce - Eat it hot. It doesn't taste nice when it's cold. I wanted to order Cheese Chicken Sausages and Fillets in the first place, but the waitress said it's sold out. Sad.

Seafood Saffron Rice $19.00 - A medley of kind prawn, squid and sausages - The prawn is big, and hard. Very difficult to chew. Is it because it's overcooked? The rice is a little too wet. Not recommended.

Muddy Mudpie $11.80 - Enter chocolate nirvana with our signature dessert. Luxuriously smooth cappuccino and chocolate ice cream on a cookies and cream base with ribbons of chocolate fudge - Yummy~ Ice cream~ Love the chocolate, love the coldness of icecream, love the sweetness of chocolate and love the cookies and cream base.

O' Coffee Club
9 Raffles Boulevard #01-47B Millenia Walk
Tel: 63377848

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