ONE Fighting Championship : Kings & Champions

When my friend offered us tickets to the ONE Fighting Championship : Kings & Champions event in Singapore, I jumped at the chance. FINALLY I can get to go and experience MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fights live.

It was my first time watching MMA fights. Most of the fights were very intense to the point that I wanna "help" untangle their limbs. All looks painful. Some were bloody. A few were boring to the point that gotten jeers from the audience. The audience wanted ACTION. Lots of it. Haha..

I feel, MMA requires tactics and strategy, to wait for the right timing to get the upperhand to win by submission, knockouts and so on. At the point of accuracy and strategy, it also requires speed as each round lasts 3 minutes, each fight has 3 rounds. And if there are no action for within a certain period of time, the referee will issue yellow cards. I was shocked to see yellow cards were used here too.

Pretty ring girls walk round the cage with the round number, flirting by seductive winks and blowing kisses to the camera, and presented each fight's winner with the ONEFC medal. They had gotten alot of cheers and whistling from the crowd.

The last fight of the day was a ONEFC Lightweight World Championship title fight between two Japanese fighters, Kotetsu Boku and Shinya Aoki. Boku looks fierce and scary. Aoki looks agile and cute. Haha.. This match was Aoki's revenge to win back the title from Boku. And he won! A great fight!

It was a very entertaining evening. Looks painful but exciting. Not a fully converted MMA fan though. But it's real cool to get the feel of the atmosphere in a MMA fight. Big thanks to our friend for the invites.

Side track... Besides watching MMA fights real time for the first time, last night was also my first time seeing a long queue for the Gents while there were lots of empty cubicles in the Ladies. Haha.. First time ever..

ONE Fighting Championship

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