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Bugis Junction Food Trail - Honguo红锅

Eight stop: 
Bugis Junction #B1-06 | Tel: 6884 4717

Zhuang Yuan Mi Xian (15Items) 状元过桥米线 (15样)[$8.80] - We were curious about how to "cook" the ingredients by the side. The waitress told us that the bowl of soup is boiling hot.

Originated from Yunan, "Cross Bridge Vermicelli" has over a hundred year of history. Legend is told there lived a studious scholar who studied very hard and always forgot his meals that were prepared by his wife and were left cold.

Once the wife brewed a chicken soup in a clay pot for the husband. Later the food remained untouched but she discovered the food was still hot. The heat was maintained due to a layer of chicken oil and the claypot. From then on, she used these method to keep the soup hot and added vermicelli, vegetables and slices of meat into the soup just before eating.

Soon after, others adopted her method of cooking and name the dish "Cross Bridge Vermicelli" as the wife has to cross the bridge daily to the island to deliver the vermicelli to her husband. Today "Cross Bridge Vermicelli" is a very popular Yunan dish all over China, and is sometimes called "Love Bridge Vermicelli" because of her devotion.

- quoted from Honguo红锅's Facebook

The waitress helped us combine everything from the plate into the bowl.

Sze Chuan Chicken in Basket四川辣子鸡 [$7.50] - This is VERY spicy but nice. Crispy chicken. I tried one small piece.

Lotus XO Seafood Fried Rice荷叶XO酱海鲜炒饭 [$8.80] - When the fried rice is placed on the table, it smells delicious. However, there's a hidden ingredient. It's VERY spicy. Even spicier than the Sze Chuan Chicken in Basket四川辣子鸡. I would definitely go back for this, if I can take spiciness.

Minced Pork Lettuce Wrap生菜猪肉碎 [$6.80] - There are spots all over the minced pork, misleading us to think that it's spicy. But it's not. One can't judge a book by it's cover.

Pumpkin Fries with Salted Egg Yolk黄金万两 [$6.80] - Pieces of fried pumpkin covered with salted egg.

Our itinerary for the day:
  1. Everything with Fries
  2. Platypus Kitchen
  3. Nanxiang Steamed Bun Restaurant
  4. Siam Kitchen
  5. Kazokutei
  6. nydc
  7. Fish & Co. Restaurant
  8. Honguo Red Pot (We are here)
  9. Yummi Bites
  10. Maggie's Moos


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