MDF March 2013

This month's HOT FM's Must Drink Friday happens one week earlier as the last friday of the month is a public holiday, Good Friday. It was held at the rooftop bar Fabrika @ The Klapsons Boutique Hotel.

Fabrika by Chivas is a rooftop bar located on the 17th floor of The Klapsons Boutique Hotel. It's accessed by the lift located at the back of the lobby, just follow the sign on the wall. The bar is a collaboration between the hotel and the whisky label.

Shan and Cheryl from The Shan and Cheryl Show from 4pm to 7pm gave me a call and invited me and three friends to this month's Must Drink Friday. Cool! I was so happy and excited to get the invitation.

My friends and I reached the place a little over 8pm. The registering and photo taking at level one took quite long. At registration, we were given a slip of paper each to finish this sentence "I am HOT and HAPPY because ..." The winner will stand to win a staycation at The Klapsons Boutique Hotel. Another win is the lucky dip to win a bottle of Chivas Magnum. We also each got a shot of BT's drink at registration.

There are live singing, games by the radio DJs and freeflow cocktails. There are five cocktails to choose from. We preferred mix of Chivas, Malibu and Pineapple Juice.

It was a fun night. And really a HOT night, with no air conditioning.

Thank you HOT FM. Thank you Klapsons.

Hot FM 91.3 Facebook Event photos 
Klapsons The Boutique Hotel's Facebook Event photos

Klapsons The Boutique Hotel
15 Hoe Chiang Road, Singapore 089316

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