Hyangtogol Korean BBQ

The date for a gathering with my poly friends was finally set on today. It is really not easy to set a date to meet up with so many of us. Nine to be exact. My two close poly girlfriends were not able to join us as one is heavily pregnant (<3 baby baby~) and the other just got into a bicycle accident (dear girl, get well soon).

Dinner was at Hyangtogol Korean BBQ, located on the second level of Amara Hotel. We were ushered into a room. Cool! Private room. I was feeling honored to get our own room without any additional charges and we are able to hear each other talk. The common area is very noisy. Even being in a room, I was able to hear the noise from outside.

Table settings

The name is printed on the napkin

It could be due to being in a room, we have this device to call for service. At the initial part of the meal, pressing the button gets us almost immediate service. But at the end of the meal, pressing multiple times gets us no service. Guess the service crew is busy running around.

Press to call for service

The side dishes were quite nice. Some of the side dishes we only managed to eat during the first round. They ran out of the nicer ones like the potato and the pancakes. 

Side dishes. About six for the first round.

The BBQ orders like chicken, pork, beef, vegetables that we ordered, the lady servicing our room helped us cooked the food. I'm not sure whether this service is throughout the entire restaurant though. I have read about this service on other blogs. Nice....

BBQ ing the beef.

She change the BBQ plate after every dish she cook. She says that if to cook again on the same plate, the food will have the dark charred residue on it. Nice~ So thoughtful.

Pork and chicken on the plate

At the end of the meal, we were all filling very full, though I feel that I didn't eat alot. That's the thing about Korean BBQ. I will feel full in the tummy, but hungry by the mouth.

We were full from eating

The place scored points with assigning us to a room. It scored even more points with helping with the cooking. The food are nice. The sauce is yummy too.

OCBC credit card gets a 10% discount. It costs roughly about $30 per person.

Things to note.
  • It is better to call (Tel: 66816423) and make a reservation before going. The manager who ushered us in was telling us that it was a full house that evening. 
  • Enter through Amara Hotel's lobby, and take the lift up to second floor. The restaurant is NOT located at the shopping mall, AM 100.

Hyangtogol Korean Restaurant 
165 Tanjong Pagar Road #02-00 Amara Hotel
Tel: 66816423

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