My Valentines Day

It started with a sweet hidden presents exchange. I hid mine in a blanket (it's original position is rumpled, at the end of the bed), and he kind of jumped onto the bed and the legs hit something hard. Mine is hidden under the pillow. All hidden in parts of the bed.

I love my present alot~ Thanks! <3



Valentines day is also the day we start work. After work, we went to Ssikkek BBQ near Outram Park MRT. Luckily we made reservations. I was being kiasu, and made him make reservations. The other time he went was a weekday lunch, hence the one over the phone told him that there won't be alot of people, so it was ok to just walk in. But on this evening, there was already a queue snaking before we reach.

The entrance

We were give a table that is joined with another couple. Seriously the girl next to me has got big attitude problem. We just got to the table, and I was standing next to my chair. At the same time, the girl wants to go out. She can't just say excuse me, but push the chair roughly to aside with a loud "TSK". Duh... Open your mouth girl to talk.... And see the situation. I'm not purposely trying to block your way.

There are many TVs around the place, all showing different K-Pop MVs. But there's only one audio. Also K-Pop. Haha.. Audio don't match videos. We ate lots of meat in lettuce. The lettuce is not as fresh as the one we had before in Bornga. Overall a satisfying meal.

Self service

Side dish, sushi. Looks ugly, but taste YUMMY

Meat meat meat

It costs $52 for the two of us. We were smelling like smoke and food when we left the place. Even after finishing our meal, there are still people coming in for BBQ Korean food. Quite worth for the amount to pay.

The day would have ended brilliantly if the second part of my present came. He told me that I was supposed to have received a bouquet today. But after calling the merchant, the reply he was given was... the item was to be dispatched in the month of February. Not the actual day. What rubbish reply. Disappointed with them...
See my complaint post.

Ssikkek Korean BBQ
291 New Bridge Road #01-01 Oriental Plaza 
Tel: 62256964


Updated on 26th February 2013
I finally received my part two present. 12 days after Valentines Day. What "great" service. Rubbish.. But apart from the horrible service, the bouquet is pretty. Sweet and pretty <3
See my complaint post.

Sweet pink teddy bear bouquet

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