Located at The Star Vista, Bornga is a Korean BBQ restaurant. This restaurant does not accept reservation. Or maybe it was because it was a public holiday eve? We waited a little more than 1hour, even though we were queuing as early as 6.40pm.

The Star Vista. It was raining the entire afternoon. Hence the beautiful blue evening sky

The restaurant's design looks very modern stylish, with grey tones, dark brown and glass panels. I did't manage to view the inside of the restaurant as we were seated outside. The outdoor seating is just towards the right side of the passageway into the restaurant. The queue is along the edge of the outdoor seating. People queuing can salivate by looking in while they waited. It's torturous, to smell such great food, only to have to wait.

The entrance to Bornga.
We are seated at the outdoor seating, towards the right of the entry.

We ordered a vegetable cold soup, one sausage and ham hot soup, one vegetable set, one pork set and one beef set for BBQ-ing. Chyi, AL and I don't eat beef, so only Ying and Jet ate the beef set. We also attempted to order rice to go along with our orders, but the waiter discouraged the thought. He said that they serve side dishes, which are refillable, so the side dishes are already quite filling and we may not be able to finish the rice. Most of their customers cancelled their orders for rice. And we are glad we took his advice. The side dishes are indeed filling, in addition to our orders.

Side dish: Lettuce
To wrap your bbq food. It is a unique way to consume meat dishes by the Koreans.

Quoted from the restaurant's description on eating meat wrapped in lettuce.
"Wrapped in lettuce" is a unique way to consume meat dishes by the Koreans. Koreans usually wrap rice & meat in lettuce, dip in sauce and eat by the mouthful. It is believed that eating the whole portion of wrapped lettuce at once will bring great fortune.

<Helps improve Digestion and Keeps Cholesterol Level in Control>
As vegetables have high fiber content, it helps to improve digestion when eaten with meat. It also prevents cholesterol from being built up in the blood vessels.
After sharing this with them, we all attempted to stuff everything into the mouth in one bite, for the sake of great fortune. Haha..

"It is believed that eating the whole portion of wrapped lettuce at once will bring great fortune"
Side dish: Salad. 
I love this salad. The dressing taste very appetizing. I can just eat this for my main meal.
Side dish
Not sure what it is. But should be some vegetable, as it's crunchy. And it's spicy.
Side dish: Mixed raw vegetable
Spicy too. I can't take too much of this. You can add this to your lettuce bbq wrap.
Side dish: Pancake
If I'm not wrong, this is also one of the dishes that we can order as ala carte.
But doesn't really taste nice. 
Side dish: Cold marinated seaweed
Crunchy with every bite.
Side dish: Kimchi
Too spicy for me.

The cold vegetable soup, even though it looks normal, but it actually taste quite nice. Sweet and taste healthy. Haha.. But maybe a little too sweet.

Cold vegetable soup
Hukdaeji Samgyupsal $18.00
Black Pork Belly
Woo Samgyup $22.00
Thinly sliced beef brisket dressed with BORNGA special sauce.

And so.. we started BBQ ing~ Yummy... And eating them wrapped in fresh lettuce tastes even better.

Mushroom Veggies $15.00

We can keep adding soup to this stew, keep keep boiling it. Taste quite nice. There are quite alot of ham and sausage in the stew. Spicy, but drinking the stew hot, it's very shiok. Spicy but nice!

Budae Chigae $40.00
Spicy stew with kimchi, sausage, ham and vegetables

The total bill comes up to $128.25. Including 7% GST and 10% service charge. Each towel costs $1.

The service is quite slow. We asked for refills of sides, drinks and any other service, they came, and go and forgot about us. So we had to ask another waiter. Not to fault them really, as I guess they are really very busy. Even though we finished our filling New Year Eve's dinner at 9plus, there are still people queuing and the place is still packed with customers. Maybe the service will be much better on a normal day?

#02-24, 1 Vista Exchange Green, Singapore 138617
Tel: (65) 6694 -4696

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