Recently there were friends sharing their meetup with their friends on facebook. Curious, I went to find out more. It's an app that records meetup with people by scanning the QR code generated.

We are able scan the QR code of that friend every hour. But do remember to refresh as the code has to be the latest. And do turn on the location service as the app will track whether you are near to the person of the code you are scanning. If not, you will get an invalid code error message saying that you are not near to your friend or its not the latest.

Each scan random generate points from 8 points to hundred of thousands of points. Depends on your luck. To share, my lowest was 8 points and highest was 4k plus points.

These points can be cashed out to your paypal account. Minimum cash out is 24000 points. And there is a 15% fee. So base on my current exchange rate, it's about $31.

Phewtick, the "meet-up" diary app, is available on both iOS and Android.


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