Baker Talent

There is this little bakery shop that started up in Choa Chu Kang three months ago called Baker Talent. When it first started, they had huge promotions on buns, selling from as low as 60 cents. And the promotion got lots of attention and there were long queues for it. By the way, they still have these promotions now.

After tasting the buns myself, I am sure the long queue is not only caused by the cheap prices, but also because the buns taste fabulous. They have even more flavours to choose from as they keep coming up with new flavours. My current favourites are the Bo Luo and the Liu Sha buns.

Best eaten while it is still hot and fresh from the oven, over a cup of tea or coffee. They sell very fast, so the ones we buy are hot off the oven.

Huang Jin Liu Sha Bao 黄金流沙包 $0.90 (promo price)
The egg custard with salted egg york filling best eaten while it is still hot,
to savour the good taste while the filling is still in liquid form 
Bo Luo Bun 菠萝包 $0.80 (promo price)
Love the crispy layer on the top of the bun. Best eaten while it's still hot.
The filling is something like pineapple, but luckily the pineapple taste is not too strong.
White Coffee Bo Luo Bun 白咖啡菠萝包 $0.90 (promo price)
Very nice coffee smell. The top of the bun is also crispy like the Bo Luo bun. 

From my Foursquare check-ins, I got to know that they have branches at other parts of Singapore too.

Baker Talent
Blk 303 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #01-723
Blk 261 Serangoon Central
Blk 221 Boon Lay Place #01
Blk 828 Tampines Street 81 #01-266

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