The Handburger

The Handburger was the final decision for our dinner place on a Friday night. We waited quite a while for our seats. I have no idea they are busy or full. I saw a few empty tables. But we still had to wait.

The guy who took our order was extremely blur. Ah. But he's a trainee and he was very hardworking, filling up our cups with water. So, no harm done.

Buffalo Wings $9.80
Super duper salty. All of us kept downing water to clear the taste
Pulled Pork $12.80
 (I first heard it as Pooh and I was horrified)
Stuffed Portobello $14.80
The color did not look very appetizing.
Comment was that it's a tad too bland.
Chicken Cajun Cordon Bleu $15.80
I had this. Quite disappointed. Thought it would be somewhere
near the Cordon Bleu sandwich from Java Detour.

The Handburger
313 @ Somerset #B2-17/18/19
Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-65/66

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