SG50 funpack

The SG50 funpack that is given out to each Singapore household, is available for collection for our zone. Here's my funpack design, designed by a 22 year old student, Hayden. 

There's a total of 50 bag designs. See them here:

It was a long wait for our zone as many from other zones had already collected theirs. Initially we had to wait even longer, another 4 days. But I guess someone went to feedback and our collection date was pushed earlier. Haha oops. 

The mailer that we had to show while redeeming with out ic. 

Our boy Latte posing. He was very scared of the bag. Not sure why. Kept running away from it. Hence pardon the messy background. 

Our Singa collectable is the surgeon, doctor looking lion. Many of my friends were collecting the set of 15 different Singas. If you wish to collect them yet do not want the hassle of asking around, you can purchase them at Kindness Gallery for $300 for a set or $10 individually from 11 August 2015 onwards. However the white blank Singa is not for sale individually. So whoever received the blank Singa is very lucky. Find out more about the Singa purchase here:

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