50 Japanese Spitz Event

The Japanese Spitz Singapore facebook group created an event for 50 Japanese Spitz to come together for Singapore's 50th birthday. 

At the end of the day the Japanese Spitz owned the Bishan dog run. The place was overflowing with Spitz. The organisers counted 111 Spitz. Cool eh!

Latte and I on our way to the venue. Excited excited. 

He's all alert and looking around. 

At the event, Latte stuck to us like glue. As usual. He's too humanised. How to make friends like that? Then he also kenna chased. Zz.... Why so scared?

My sister holding on to Latte for his nail clipping. His least favourite activity. Luckily he was ok. 

I met some cute Spitz. 

We collected our goodie bag. Loads of food samples. Thanks organisers. Thanks sponsors~

On our way back. He's too tired to move and fell asleep. Too much excitement. 

Even when he woke up in the middle of the ride, he look so cute (and vulnerable) and didn't want to move a fur. That's how tired he was.

We had loads of fun that day. Thank you organisers and sponsors. 

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