KKH Breastfeeding Class

We just attended the 7th lesson of the Antenatal Classes that we signed up at KKH. The lesson today comprises of Breastfeeding. Today's class has been very enriching. There were alot of things I did not know and I had learnt several new things. Things like
  • Things to "prepare" before feeding
  • How to see if LO is feeding well
  • Ways to carry the LO for feeing
  • and more...

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At the end of the class, I felt excited. I can't wait for my Little One to pop so that I can feed her, while at the same time, worried that I may not do well and also worried that I may get grouchy during feeding. The process is quite taxing.

Time to read up on the Breastfeeding book GF loaned me.
Successful breastfeeding : a practical guide by Kang Phaik Gaik.

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