Cooler weather, cooler wind, please?

Don't you agree that the weather recently has been very hot? Even the wind that manages to blow once in a while is hot. My home utility bills for the past few months has only been getting higher and higher. We are unable to sleep without the air conditioner as even with two fans blowing, we had been sweating profusely. I even have heat rash now, and it's very itchy that sometimes it would wake me up in the middle of the night.

We went fan shopping recently and got a really powerful fan from Best Denki. A KDK stand fan ( recommended by the sales lady. Though it is powerful, it is still not enough and I think I have a little arthritis. My ankle, wrist, shoulders hurts when they are directly in the path of the wind. Oh man... Help us...

I wonder when will the weather turn better? Just a little cooler will be better with some cooling wind.

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