Latte's First Outdoor Trip

We brought Latte out on his first outdoor trip. Outdoor trip as in leashing him and let him walk by himself. We started off by carrying him to Sunset Way jogging track. Initially we tried to let him walk there by himself, but he just stick to the ground as if he was superglued to the ground.

Once there, we settled down on some benches and Latte was placed on the ground. He went to hide beneath the benches and cowered there. Sigh. A scaredy cat. Dog.

While the joggers went for their run, my mum and I sat by the bench and Latte stuck below the bench. Latte once in a while moved, but he moved backwards, scared. After a while, I gave up and carried him to sit on the bench with us. It was one of those rare moments that Latte sits down quietly.

It's the journey home that was funny and enjoyable. He managed to walk most of the way home, except when crossing the road where he hesitated and we think the hesitation is too dangerous. It was pretty difficult to coax him walk along, but after a while, we found a trick. The pink bag that is used as his carrier to go out (usually to my parents place), is being used as a bait. Latte followed the pink bag and pounced on it once in a while, walking on his two feet. The sight is hilarious.

Good job Latte.

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